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Frequently Asked Questions

We have provided a list of frequently asked questions for you, however, if your question is not listed then please fill out our Customer Care Form with any questions or concerns during contract, construction and/or after closing. For your warranty request, please fill out our Warranty Form.

Answer: It depends, you would need to contact your sales person. Once construction begins, the materials for your home are ordered to facilitate a faster construction process. We will assist in any way possible but sometimes it may be too late. Therefore, we stress that it is very important to go over all of your contract paper work and make sure it is what you want before construction begins.

Answer: We will, as part of our procedure, schedule a walk through with you approximately 2 weeks before your closing. You will walk through the home with your construction manager and he will show you how everything works, where the switches are etc. Please feel free to ask him any questions about your home you may have at that time. For your safety, you MUST schedule visits to your home during construction with your salesperson or construction manager.

Answer: You will receive a letter from Avtec Homes a couple of weeks before closing and it will have all the numbers you may need to have your utilities transferred. Once you have confirmed a closing date and time with the title company, you will want to call the utility company to start service for that day.

Answer: For insurance and other reasons, we cannot allow you to move anything into the home until after the closing when you take ownership of the home. This includes storing items in the garage, having furniture delivered or parking the moving van in the driveway.

Answer: The length of your Avtec Homes warranty period is one year from your date of closing.  However, we are always here to answer questions and are happy to make trade recommendations after that time. We make it easy for you to reach us with your warranty questions.  You may (1) fill out your form online (2) fax in a form to the division office at 321-674-9396, or (3) call the division office at 321-674-9395.  We are always happy to assist you.

Answer: To insure quality and to be sure every inquiry is addressed in a timely manner, we will maintain historical records of any issues you have which will assist us in serving you better.

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