We’re sorry! Avtec Homes has no available inventory at this time.

The truth is, the demand for new home construction is at an unprecedented high. Why? Interest rates are still quite low. Many people have realized during the pandemic that their current home doesn’t quite measure up to the needs of their modern lifestyle. Some people are searching for a larger home, while others are looking for their first new home. You may be one of them!

While any available inventory sells out almost immediately, Avtec Homes is continuing to build Eco-StarSM High Performance homes for buyers as quickly as possible.

Adding to the current “hot” market is the limited supply and unusually high demand for building materials, particularly lumber and certain metals like copper and steel. The pandemic, interrupted supply chain, labor shortages and even home renovations have all contributed to longer lead times and unfortunately, rising prices.

Contact the Avtec Homes representative in your area to check for Eco-StarSM High Performance homes that may be getting ready to start.  From time to time, a home that was initially begun for another homebuyer may also become available. But you won’t know unless you contact us.