A screened porch is a great way to enjoy the outdoors without dealing with bugs, poor weather, or other hazards. And it can add value to your home and make your backyard space more enjoyable and functional. 

What is a Screened Porch?

A porch is an architectural feature of a home typically found on the front or back of the structure.  It is attached to the home and usually comes with a roof. It provides an outdoor living space for homeowners. 

A screened porch is a porch with a window screen along its outer perimeter. It is not a sunroom, which has been enclosed by glass windows that may or may not open. Nor is it a patio, which may or may not have a roof. A screened porch allows fresh air to move through the space while providing some protection from the weather and other aspects of the outdoors, such as insects or stray or wild animals. 

A screened porch does require a bit more maintenance than a regular porch. You must inspect the screen regularly for tears and clean pollen, dirt, and other debris from the screen. Severe storms or high winds may also damage the screen. 

A screened porch also has many benefits, including adding value to your home. 

How Does a Screened Porch Add Value to a Home?

A screened porch can add life and comfort to your home. First, it extends the living space, making your home’s value increase. If you decide to sell in the future, you may get a higher price.

That extension of the living space benefits you long before any potential sale, however. It provides space for entertaining. Invite friends and family over, and everyone can move easily between the screened porch and the living room or kitchen. Planned something for the outdoors, such as a barbecue or birthday party, but now it’s raining? Move it to the screened porch! Place your grill in the right spot, and the smoke will go through the screen without bothering you or your guests. 

What hobbies do you enjoy? If you enjoy painting, knitting, drawing, reading, or other activities traditionally performed indoors, these can often be moved to a screened porch, where you can enjoy the best of both worlds: a comfortable space protected from the elements while also enjoying the fresh air and views of nature. 

Perhaps you spend all day cooped up in an office or warehouse, or other indoor space for work. Then you’re trapped in your car for the commute to and from work. Your screened porch can provide a relaxing space to enjoy as you transition from a stressful workday to a pleasant evening with the family. Work from home? Set up a table and chairs on your screened porch and enjoy the views and air while you work.

Enjoy your favorite meals al fresco without being bothered by flying or crawling insects. Whether you serve burgers and dogs for the family on a small table or set up a catered smorgasbord, your food won’t be inviting pests — nor will it be covered in pollen, dust, dirt, leaves, or rain. 

Add a hammock, bench swing, or comfy outdoor sofa, and make your screened porch an inviting outdoor bedroom for naps or camping at home. The bench swing also gives you a nice place to sit and relax with your partner or rock a baby to sleep. 

Maybe you’re worried that it could be too hot to enjoy a screened porch year-round. But like a sunroom, you can install ceiling fans on your screened porch. One or two fans will get the air circulating and keep you comfortably cool even during the warmest summer days.

You can also add some lightweight, billowy curtains for a cozier feel and a little extra privacy.

Want to entertain at night? Install lighting to make your screened porch a nighttime gathering place for your family or friends. From bright lighting for game night to fairy lights for a more romantic atmosphere, your screened porch can be a lovely place to while away an evening. Bonus: you can listen to the crickets chirp, distant thunder roll, and watch lightning from night storms without being eaten alive by mosquitos. 

You can even add some speakers for audio. Bluetooth speakers will let you connect your electronics to serve up your favorite playlist and dance the night away in your own screened-in dance club. Put a TV against an interior wall and watch the big game or favorite shows while spending time on your screened porch. 

Are You Ready to Have Your Own Screened Porch?

A screened porch can be a valuable addition to any home. By providing extra usable space, increasing curb appeal, and creating a sense of peace and relaxation, a screened porch can add significant value to a home. And when you buy an Avtec home, a 12 x 20 screened porch under the roof is included with your purchase! 

We want you to have the home of your dreams. Take a look at our home plans or one of our inventory homes to see what your options are. Contact us if you need help during the home-buying process.