Benefits of Vinyl Plank Flooring in Living Areas

If you’re sick and tired of tile and the never-ending chore of keeping up with the grout cleaning, or you want a sleek and welcoming new look, vinyl plank flooring may be just what you’re looking for. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits and uses of vinyl plank flooring.

What Is Vinyl Plank Flooring?

Vinyl plank flooring is made of synthetic material with several layers. Similar to hardwood flooring, vinyl flooring comes in planks. But, the difference is the planks are made out of PVC instead of wood.

Vinyl plank flooring typically comes in three layers:

  1. A base layer gives the plank its foundation, which can be rigid or flexible.
  2. A pattern that gives the plank its look and feel. This layer often mimics natural wood, stone, tile, etc.
  3. A transparent surface layer that protects the vinyl plank from damage. 

Benefits of Vinyl Plank Flooring

Some of the top reasons people love vinyl plank flooring include:


Living areas are where life happens, from gatherings for family movie night to study groups, pets, birthday parties, sippy cups, and yes, the occasional TV dinner. Our living areas see it all — and they also see all kinds of spills and other messes. One of the most significant benefits of vinyl plank flooring is it’s easy to clean! From pet messes to sticky fingers, vinyl plank flooring can handle messes of all sizes.

Vinyl plank flooring is waterproof, so even if your children spill their drinks on it, you don’t have to worry about deterioration or permanent stains.

To keep your vinyl plank flooring looking brand new, follow these steps:

  1. Use a broom, vacuum, or wet mop every day or two.
  2. Use a cleaning solution that’s vinyl plank approved, or create a homemade solution.
  3. A quick cleaning will keep your floors well-maintained, shiny, clean, and beautiful —no waxing, buffing, polishing, or sealing required.


Get the look of beautiful hardwood flooring without the steep price or sacrificing durability and beauty. Vinyl plank flooring costs significantly less than hardwood, and you can customize your plank flooring to resemble a weathered or reclaimed material if you’re after a rustic look. 

Easy Installation

Compared to other popular flooring options, vinyl flooring is a breeze to install. Most types of vinyl plank flooring simply “click” in place. That means if you’re up for it, you can save on installation costs by installing the flooring yourself — even more cost savings! No special equipment required. 

Even if you choose to have your vinyl plank flooring professionally installed, the labor cost will remain low because it’s an easy job.


As long as you care for your vinyl flooring properly and stay away from abrasive scrubs, ammonia, wax, and scouring pads that can all damage the surface, your vinyl flooring should last a long time.

To avoid damaging your vinyl flooring from everyday activities:

  1. Put down area rugs or mats in areas that are the most heavily trafficked.
  2. Use protective felt tips on furniture legs to prevent scratching.
  3. When you move heavy furniture, use sliders or create a path with plywood to protect the flooring.


Vinyl planks with cork backing are softer than traditional wood planks, meaning they’re much more comfortable to walk on — an especially important benefit for people who stand for long periods. Cushion-back vinyl planks are much more comfortable and easier to walk on than other flooring options.

Another lesser-known benefit of vinyl plank flooring is that it stays at room temperature. That means no more brutal winter mornings, stepping out of bed onto the freezing cold floor.

It Can Go Where Hardwood Can’t

Vinyl plank flooring’s beauty goes well beyond the surface. Its ultra-durable surface also means it can go where hardwood cannot. This is because it’s not impacted by heat and humidity, meaning it can go in bathrooms, laundry rooms and tropical climates. Humidity and water don’t stand a chance against its durability.

What’s more, it’s impervious to termites. If you live in an older home or want to put in an outdoor kitchen area, go for it!

Adds Resale Value

Who doesn’t want flooring that will increase the resale value of their home? Vinyl plank flooring is just what you need to attract potential buyers — at a higher price. Vinyl plank is known for being durable, so potential buyers know they’re getting gorgeous flooring that will last and last. Some studies suggest that buyers these days are actually seeking out homes with vinyl plank flooring because of its many benefits! So, if you have vinyl plank flooring or install it soon, you’ll position yourself nicely to take advantage of the red-hot seller’s market. Ca-ching!

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