Many people still hold to the tradition of trimming the tree and decorating just before the big day. Have you ever brought out the holiday decorations and noticed some pieces have lost their luster? The ribbons don’t lay like they once did, and the scratches and scars on knick-knacks remind you too much of your own past year. Take courage, and know you can revive the magic of the holidays with a little décor facelift!

Pick a Color Scheme

Start by going through the ornaments you can save that have the same colors – the tree balls, perhaps. Pick two to three colors that will be a recurring theme throughout your home. Some ideas are:

  • Traditional – Use basic reds and greens or whites and blues in different shades for a timeless aesthetic.
  • Whimsical – Change it up with bright reds and lime greens, different shades of blues and all different colors. Think multi-colored holiday lights!
  • Elegant – Mix metallics like gold and silver together or with a basic color in any shade. Gold and silver mixed together makes for a classical, shimmery look.

You can always add in a little white to any color scheme to really make your colors stand out. It’s the universal holiday color.

Spruce Up Your Tree

Once you’re happy with your color scheme, take your tree decorating to a new level by adding a 2-inch-thick new ribbon. Be sure the ribbon is not too dark to blend into your tree or ornaments. Opaque ribbons will also get lost in the dark evergreen. Glittering bright reds or whites are ideal. Start at the top and work your way down either vertically or horizontally by tucking and weaving the ribbon into the tree. Secure it with floral wire.

Toss out that ol’ chipped and mangled star, and treat yourself to a new, modern twist on the old traditional topper. Lots of twirly sticks in metallic colors as well as glitter will give a beautiful starburst effect that is sure to bring the holiday cheer! A starburst topper is a unique and fun new look that is easy to achieve. Just poke the sticks in all around the top until you’ve reached your desired effect. Or, keep the star and poke the twirly sticks around it for a glorious new topper.

Greenery Everywhere

Add touches of garland and holly around to create a winter wonderland in your beautifully designed Avtec home. Long ropes of garland are great for a mantle, or they can sit elegantly above arches and entry ways. Sprigs of holly in a small vase around the house go a long way, too, and are simple to do. Add fairy lights for a soft or vibrant glow at the touch of a button. That’s right! They can be remote operated and add a touch of magic with little effort.

Don’t forget the outside of your home in all the hustle and bustle! Be sure to get quotes on having your Christmas lights put up. Save time, energy, and a possible trip to the ER this year by skipping a day on the ladder. Professionals can have beautiful lights of all colors up in no time. They also come back after the holidays to take them down! Not sure where to start? Ask our team at Avtec Homes for referrals or ideas!

Decorating your home for the holidays should be a time for family fun and reflection. Get your family involved with some snacks and hot chocolate. Reminisce about old times and past holidays. Enjoy your new decorations as a sign of hope and prosperity of the year to come! You’ll be singing carols around the fire in no time. Happy Holidays from our family to yours! If you want to learn more about our homes, contact us today.