Chances are you bought a home with more than enough bedrooms for your family.  So now comes the decision: what will you do with that spare room? Instead of leaving it empty or a catch-all for random items, why not give it a purpose? There’s no shortage of things you could do with the extra space, but you will want to consider something that is meaningful for your lifestyle. With a few ideas from the team at Avtec Homes, you should be able to put this room to good use.

Put Together a Reading Room

Gone are the days when you needed a full library to have a designated reading area. These days, a simple room will do. Fit the spare room with one or two bookshelves. You do not need to have a huge collection of books to start. Buy the books one by one. Paint the area with calm colors and include a study table with a chair or a comfortable sofa to make reading easy.[1]

Create a Home Office

Working from home can be daunting, especially if you have to do it in a room full of people. The spare room will come in handy during such times. All you need to do is add a desk and comfortable chair to the room. You can also add some shelves for office supplies and your work documents. 

Make a Kids’ Playroom

If you have children, then you know how messy the house gets when they play. Having space for them to play and throw the toys around can help you cut down on clutter in other areas of the house; you will not have to worry about stepping on toys strewn about your living room. Decorate the room with bright colors and hang up kid-friendly art. You can also teach your kids how to organize their own space.

Create a Dressing Room

Having a private dressing room can provide the feel of ultimate luxury. If all your clothes are cramped up in your wardrobe, then convert the spare room into your dressing room. All you need is some hangers and more storage space or hanging racks. You should also get a full-length mirror and a dressing mirror for doing makeup. A designated dressing space can make getting ready for work or a busy day relaxing.[2]

Create a Home Theater

If you are a movie lover, you know that nothing beats a huge screen and quality sound. You can convert the spare room into a mini home theater. Add darkening window treatments and a couple of couches for comfort and invest in a big screen and quality speakers. It will make for great movie nights or TV hangout time with your family.

Make It a Game Room

If you and your friends love elaborate game nights, then this is for you. You can add a ping-pong table at the center and several arcade games to go with it. Install shelving for puzzles and board games and throw in a karaoke machine to add to all the fun.

Don’t leave your spare room bare; there are so many good things you can do with it. Contact Avtec Homes to get more info on home design.