The energy efficiency of every new home in Florida is gauged with 100 being the industry standard on the HERS Index. A higher score means less efficiency. A lower score means more efficiency. Savings for you begins with a home that rates lower on the HERS Index.

Aspects of your home that can affect its energy efficiency include a solar attic vent fan, ceiling insulation thermal resistance of R-38 and air conditioning with a SEER rating of the highest efficiency.[2] Avtec Homes incorporates the most energy-efficient details into our newly constructed homes in part by using environmentally friendly building materials.

HERS Index Score of Newly Constructed Homes vs. Older Homes

New homes generally rate a lower score on the Home Energy Rating System (HERS) since they are more apt to be constructed with energy-efficient features. Builders can deviate from the average HERS score of 100 by building homes with fewer –or more– energy-saving attributes. These construction details will be reflected in energy efficiency that will translate to the amount of money you save.

We have been certified by FPL BuildSmart® for building our homes at some of the highest energy efficiency levels. An Avtec home can shave approximately one-half off your utility bills!

Older homes with fewer energy-saving devices generally have a higher HERS score.[3] Many of these issues can be solved by installing new energy-saving features. Upgrading to a smart thermostat or a new HVAC system can help increase efficiency as can installation of solar panels.

Save More With a Low HERS Index Score Home

The savings incurred because of your low efficiency score will fluctuate based on your family and other details regarding your home. A house built by Avtec Homes will save you thousands of dollars for the duration of your homeownership. You can safely count on a 50% savings in utility payments with conscious energy-saving habits adhered to by your family.[2]

Know the HERS Index Score of Your New Home

Our priority at Avtec Homes is to build quality homes with the lowest HERS scores possible. We can assess the HERS score of the home plan you decide to build and advise you on additional cost-saving features that may be available.

Experience a virtual tour of our models to find the perfect home for your family. Call Avtec Homes today to discuss your housing needs and amount of possible energy savings.