Having a drop zone in your home makes cleaning up and organization easier to do. Each family member can be responsible for putting away their own belongings.

A Drop Zone Can Help Your Family Stay Organized

Drop zones have historically been the targeted landing locations for paratroopers or bundles “dropped” by the military. No doubt it was a harried mother familiar with the military who first used the name drop zone for that special area in her family’s home. Perhaps she saw a similarity in the spot where her troops dropped their book bags, back packs, jackets, skateboards, and other items upon entering the home.

 A Drop Zone by Any Other Name

Drop zones aren’t really new. Maybe your grandmother’s house had a “mud room.” Or another little space that allowed people to shake the snow from their jackets and toss their car keys or the mail. Regardless of what it’s called by previous generations, we’ve suddenly realized it’s an essential space we can’t live without.

Helping to Keep Things Organized

Avtec Homes knows families. We all come from one! We know that families are apt to have stuff that doesn’t get where it needs to go as soon as you walk in the door.

It doesn’t mean you are disorganized if you have a drop zone. In fact, just the opposite! Drop zones can help you to stay organized, by providing a temporary resting spot for the children’s school things, library books, shopping bags from a trip to the mall — or dozens of other things. The family knows that they can put things away in their proper place when the moment strikes them. Or… the items might stay just where they are –and everyone will know right where their belongings are tomorrow.

Who Needs a Drop Zone?

Drop zones aren’t just for large families.  Anyone in any sort of living situation can have a drop zone –they help keep all homes neater.  Drop zones can be used by anyone who comes home and doesn’t feel like putting things away quite yet. Sometimes, the drop zone is an organized space where items live permanently.  Lookin’ at you, roller blades. And dog leash. And mailbox key. And golf umbrella. 

Mom knows she can drop her purse, travel mug and tomorrow’s meeting agenda there on the way in before fixing supper. She knows that when the dishes are done and everyone’s watching TV, she can grab an armload of stuff and get it put away. At her convenience.  In this way, a drop zone is a buffer from life’s little hassles.

Locations in Your Home That Can Be Used as a Drop Zone

A drop zone can be anywhere in your house, but it is usually close to the front door or other entry points into the home. You can use a bench or a box in the entryway as your drop zone or create something more elaborate. Many of today’s new homes have handsome drop zones designed with benches, floor to ceiling shelves, hooks for hanging outerwear, storage cubbies and more.

The bottom line is that drop zones help families stay organized, so stuff doesn’t pile up on the dining room table or kitchen counter. They are ideal for that whole category of things that don’t have an immediate use in your home. And they help to keep the rest of your house blissfully clutter free and easier to live in.

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