Take Another Look at Granite – Why You Should Buy a House With Granite Countertops


When buying a new house, paying attention to every detail is essential. Kitchens and bathrooms are particularly important. If you decide to purchase the property, the kitchen is where you’ll spend a lot of your time preparing food, eating, and possibly entertaining guests. Meanwhile, the bathroom is an essential part of everyone’s daily routine. Granite countertops not only look great in both locations but also offer many practical benefits that can help make life easier for you in your new home.


Here are a few of the reasons why granite countertops should be on your “must have” list of desirable features for your dream home.

Beautiful and Unique

When you spend a lot of time looking at homes to buy, they can all start to feel frustratingly similar. You’ll likely get tired of viewing drab kitchens and boring bathrooms. Granite countertops are strikingly different. Every slab has a unique pattern, with beautiful veining and variations in color. You will never get tired of looking at the gorgeous granite countertops when you proudly survey your new home.


Some other types of countertop surfaces try to mimic the look of granite. However, the variations in these artificially patterned materials are not natural and therefore do not have the uniqueness found in granite. If you look closely, you will notice that the patterns repeat formulaically. Once you see this detail, it quickly becomes clear why other countertop materials cannot match the natural beauty of granite.

Stain Resistant

Countertops come under attack from a wide variety of potentially stain-causing substances. From tomato sauce spitting from a bubbling pan to red wine from a wineglass you knock over with your elbow to a hair product that has leaked from a discarded bottle, many substances found in almost any kitchen or bathroom can come into contact with countertops. Therefore, it is crucial to have countertops made from a stain-resistant material like granite.


Granite is much less porous than other kinds of stone, which means that staining substances have a harder time seeping into it. You can even seal your countertops to give them even better stain resistance.

Heat Resistant

If you place a hot pan onto some countertop materials, you will scorch the surface, which means you will have to live with a burn mark until you replace the countertops or move to a new home. Granite countertops offer much better heat resistance. If you set a hot pan down on granite, it is unlikely that any damage will occur. That’s great news if you are the kind of cook who likes to have several pans on the go at once and doesn’t have time to think carefully about where to set each one down.

Hard and Durable

Granite is much harder than many other types of stone and certainly much harder than laminate or plastic countertops. If your knife slips while you are cutting up a big squash or you drop a sharp object onto the counter, it’s unlikely to leave any kind of mark. This ability of granite to resist physical trauma means that it has great durability. If you decide to sell your new home in a decade or two, it is likely that your granite countertops will still be in excellent condition.

Easy to Maintain

Countertops should always be easy to clean. Who wants to spend hours scrubbing them clean after cooking dinner or searching for specialized cleaning products in the store? After using your granite countertops, you can clean them simply by wiping them down with a soft cloth and some gentle cleaning solution. Their smooth surface makes them very easy to wipe clean so that you can spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying your new home.

Long-Term Value

If you have already looked around some homes on your buyer’s journey, you might have already noticed how much of a good impression granite countertops make when you walk into a kitchen. Thanks to their durability and timeless styles, those same granite countertops may have the same effect on the next set of buyers when you want to move to your next home, whether that is in a couple of years or a decade or more. You won’t lose out by choosing a home with granite countertops. No matter how drastically styles change, high-quality stone countertops are likely to remain in fashion over the long term. In contrast, opting for a home with countertops made from a trendy material, such as quartz, could result in your home losing appeal as fashions change.

Great for Kitchens and Bathrooms

When people think of granite countertops, their mind automatically goes to the kitchen. However, granite is also an excellent material for the bathroom. Granite surfaces in the bathroom lend this often-overlooked room a touch of sophistication. Granite is non-porous and therefore water resistant, leaving little chance for mold to get a foothold even if water is splashed around.

Flexible Style

Perhaps you don’t like the look of dark-colored black granite countertops? You might be pleased to know that granite comes in a range of tones. From cool white granite to subtle gray shades, the range of colors is much more extensive than many people assume. As you begin your home-buying journey, seek out granite countertops in all their beautiful guises. What they all have in common is their durability, practicality, value, and style.