Earth is a great place to live. Why not show your appreciation by implementing practices that help conserve resources and create a more efficient eco-friendly home? There are so many ways to give back to the environment just by how you maintain your home. Creating an eco-friendly home will prevent several contributions to air, water, and land pollution.

There are small habits that you can begin implementing in your everyday life that will make all the difference in creating a home that celebrates the earth and can even save you money!

Practice these Eco-Friendly Habits at your Home:

Use Natural Cleaning Products Only

Did you know that whenever you use harmful chemicals, you are washing them right back into the water system? It has to go somewhere! Do your research on finding eco-friendly products that are safe to go back into our water supply system. Hip 2 Save did a great article to get you started!

Save water

It’s simple, but it makes all the difference. Whether you choose to turn off the water while you’re brushing your teeth or you go far enough to invest in a rainwater harvesting system, your water limit will make a difference! Toilets and leaks are the main culprits of unnecessary water consumption. Make sure your home is always checked for any leaks, and your toilets aren’t unnecessarily running at all times.


It’s always best to buy the recycle-friendly option when it comes to your purchases. Another great way to recycle is to reuse building materials such as wood, steel, or cotton! You can communicate with your home builder that you’d like to recycle these types of materials whenever possible. You’ll be surprised how much money you can save, all while protecting the planet!

Get smart!

In other words, install smart systems! By switching out your lightbulbs with smart bulbs, you’ll avoid keeping unnecessary lights on, which will result in less electricity use! Not to mention, smart is just cool. How much easier would your life be if you could operate everything from your mobile phone? To learn on ways to get started building a smart home, check out our recent article on the best smart home tech.

Make sure your home is properly insulated

A key contributor to your home’s energy consumption is pumping out cooling and heating properties. During the cold months, if your home is properly insulated, not only will you save lots on your bill, but you’ll also be burning less energy, which is a huge way to help the environment.

Bigger steps that you can take could involve going solar, downsizing your home, and paying attention to location when building a home, which is something we would love to chat with you about!